Thursday, 23 September 2010

Elliw's Pink Raleigh Chopper Mk3 . . . . . later Reunited !

This blog, like a lot of good ideas, is a result of a drunken pub conversation with an acquaintance back in August. She explained that her pride and joy – a bright pink Raleigh Chopper – was recently stolen from Cardiff city centre.
Casually searching for something to replace my stolen road bike, I was a bit of surprised when I saw a bright pink Chopper on Gumtree the following weekend. A couple of emails later, and with the help of the Police, this bike was recovered & reunited with its owner [ Ahhh, happy ending ! ] . The Llanrumney police found a back garden full of bikes, but were still unable to prosecute Henry [ not so happy ending ]. He’s still trading on Gumtree.
It would be great if this blog resulted in more stolen bikes being reunited with their owners.

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  1. Great site. Only just stumble across it but have bookmarked and shared :)