Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gwyn’s Silver GT Aggressor

29th of May // City Centre

Stolen outside Gwdihw Café Bar [ Guildford Crescent ] on Bank Holiday Sunday.

GT Aggressor MTB, w/ disc brakes, bottle holder, ends of both handlebar grips broken.

Rhiannon’s Silver Gent’s Giant CRS 4 Hybrid

27th of May // International Sports Village

Rhiannon writes. . . .

“Hi, I just found your blog, my bike was stolen last Friday (27th May) and I thought this may be worth a shot. I've reported it to the police today, but I'm gutted as it has a serial number but I can't find where I've written it down so I think the chances of recovery are otherwise slim...

Details of Robbery: From the bike rack outside Cardiff International Pool on Friday 27th May sometime between 6pm and 7.30pm. It was locked with a combination lock, which was also gone from the scene. Incidentally other cyclists should be aware that the CCTV around the pool apparently does not cover the bike rack area that they have designated (although there is no notice of this fact in the area) - so be extra wary of chaining your bike up there, although I previously have had no problems in the past, the area was very busy on this day as the school's had just broken up for half term.

Details of the bike: Giant CRS 4 Hybrid - Frame size M - Silver colour, Gent's version. About a year old.
Defining features: The bike was fitted with a drinks cage, pump holder and cat's eye's light fittings on the front handlebars and seatpost. The stopper on the end of the left handlebar was missing, and due to an accident I had previously there is quite a big patch of scraped off paint on the cross bar, and the Front brake mechanism is bent out of shape - but still works. No customisations though, so it's difficult to describe any further specifics.

Stock photograph of the bike is attached, I don't seem to have any of me riding it although I will ask friends. Spec on giant-bicycles.com

It wasn't the most expensive bike in the world, but I really enjoyed riding it, and as it was my primary form of transport so I am pretty gutted by this theft, and would appreciate it if you could list it on your blog in case anyone comes across this bike for sale.”
stock photo

Andy’s White Giant TCX2

23rd of May // Llanishen

Andy writes . . . .

“Giant TCX2 (cyclo-cross bike) 2011 model stolen from Government Buildings, Llanishen on 23 May at approximately 9:50am. Bike secured by cable lock but thief cut through cable.
Bike in as new condition as only 6 months old, only modification was BBB chainstay protector.
As seen on wiggle.co.uk. Please get in touch if you see it - should be pretty rare!”

stock photo

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Police in Cardiff invest in decoy bicycles

Interesting article reported on welshicons.org.uk last week, “Tracker systems help to track down bikes thieves”.
I’d be interested in hearing of what punishment the one’s caught will receive.
“Launched last week, the bikes have been deployed on six occasions with four hits – the quickest being 8 minutes.”

Also reported on Wales Online.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jonathan’s Sandy Giant Glory Zero

1st of April / St Mary Street

Jonathan writes . . . .

“My Giant Glory Zero, 2007 model was stolen from my workplace on St Mary Street. It is a rare bike to see around cardiff and stands out to anyone who likes their bikes. It was stolen approx 6 weeks ago. Any information leading to finding the bike will be recieved with a £100 reward. Ironically it was for sale on ebay at the time of theft.

The only difference from new is the rear tyre is now a bmx style DMR tyre.

Any help is greatly appreciated.”

stock photo

Martin’s Silver Dawes Discovery 201

22nd of April / Roath

Martin writes. . . .

“Hi, here are details of a stolen bike;
Silver Dawes Discovery 201.
Has a distinctive black handlebar stem. Black front and rear mudguards. Rubber handlebar grips are damaged at ends. Also has a yellow Dyfed-Powys police sticker on the frame but that is easily removed.

Stolen from front garden in Roath (night of Sat 22 April) where it was locked to railings.”