Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Amelia’s Red Safeway Town Bike

Amelia writes;

“I have just found your website, my bike was stolen over the weekend from out side my house on Cathedral Road. It was secured with a Kryptonite lock which had been cut.
It is a very old bike a ‘Safeway’ see attached picture but I love it and it is my life force.”

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Liam’s Black & Yellow Giant Defy [Later Recovered]

stock photo

Julian [Liam's mate] writes [around 6pm 12th of October];

“Stolen Giant less than an hour ago outside Colchester Avenue Sainsbury’s.
A yellow, black, and white Giant Defy racing bike, medium frame size, no real distinctive features to set it aside from similar models as everything was standard from new, except for its black Shimano spd road pedals.
Hope someone can help”

Monday, 11 October 2010

Tips on recovering a stolen bike

Once you’re positive that your bicycle has been stolen [sure your mate’s aren’t playing a prank ? sure you didn’t move it while under the influence ?!], look around for any clues and get the facts sorted in your head. Depending on the situation, look for signs of a forced entry / lock remains / related crimes.

Spread the Word :
  • Contact the police, call 101 unless it’s an emergency. They might well show a lack of interest and may not investigate much, but you’ll need their help if to recover the bike if found by other means, as well as the crime number for any insurance claims.
  • Did your lock provider offer any after sale service ?
  • Report your bike as stolen online, Immobilise, bikerevolution, stolenbikecardiff, Cardiff Gumtree as well as local / cycling forums.
  • Post a flyer at the location it was stolen to try and get any witnesses to come forward.
  • Post details on your social networking pages such as Twitter and Facebook.
Look for your bike : Both on the ground and online. Check local second hand bike outlets such as the following;
  • Pawn Shops [e.g. Cash Generator] or search for ‘Pawnbrokers’ in Yell.com 
  • Local Bike Shops that stock second hand bikes [use Yell.com]
  • Markets / Car Boot Sales [e.g. Splott Market, Bessemer Road Market, Sully Market]
  • Gumtree & eBay – set up a Google Alert

good luck,

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Paulo's Black Cube Ltd

stock photo

Paul Writes;
“Here are the details of the Cube that was stolen, from Greyfriars House, Greyfriars Road at 14:04 on Friday 20th August. Also not mentioned,  the rear brake had a goodridge brake hose with a yellow tag which was neatly placed in the hose guide nearest the head of the bike.

Police are placing image of thieves on crimestoppers apparently.”

Cube Ltd Anodised Black 2009

Frame: Alu Superlite AMF 7005 Double Butted, RFR‐Geometry (small number of chips to bodywork on chain stay (below chain towards rear mech) with carbon fibre chain protection loosely fitted)
Fork: Rockshox Reba Team Air U‐Turn Fork black – possibly (little chip to paintwork below crown (where it joins the frame) on rear left, recently fitted so red (I think) grease still clean within head)
Headset: Hope semi‐Integrated black – brand new (with faded USE headloc and spacer in red + Hope chrome spacer below stem)
Stem: Easton EA50 black with silver logo ‐ fading
Handlebars: Easton EA50 flat black ‐ fading
Grips: diamond shaped black
Brakes: Formula B4 hydr. Discbrake (160 rear /180mm front) the calipers are distinctively gold in colour and the Formula logo has faded
Chainset: Shimano Deore XT 32, 175mm silver, 2005 Integrated XTR BB black
Cog: Superstar 16T grey
Chain: grey
Rims: Mavic XC717 disc black
Tyres: Panaracer Trail Blaster 1.95
Hubs: Hope XC Black rear & front
Pedals: Shimano M770 XT Clipless SPD newish
Saddle: Charge spoon cromo ‐ black
Seat Post: Easton EA70 – black logo barely visible
Seatclamp: Hope QR Seat Clamp ‐ black
Bottle Cages: Tacx & Specialized Rib cage both black
Rear Crud catcher
Post Moderne Micro Bar Ends

CCTV image of thief

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tips on preventing bike crime

Making a record of a bike’s details should take less than 10 minutes. . . . .

 Keep a record of the details of your bike – Make, Model, Frame Number, Size, as well as details about its components. Take some photographs of your bike, making sure that any customisations that have been added are clear. Keep these details and images in a safe and easily searchable place such as on a back up disk for your computer, or in an email account.

Next, register with immobilise.com – the ‘National Property Register’ which Police use when reuniting recovered items.

Advice on securing your bike

At the time of writing, half of the bicycles mentioned on the blog have been stolen from break-ins at home, from back gardens, garages or ‘secure’ storage at apartment complexes, so it’s just as important to follow precautions here as you would out and about.
The aim is to make your bike less appealing as well as difficult to steal. You can do this by;

  • Locking your bike [e.g. a D lock through the back wheel and frame ] even when the house / in storage will mean an opportunist thief won’t be able to ride it away / use it as a quick getaway. If available, lock your bike to a immovable object.
  • If storing in a shed / garage / apartment complex storage, take the front wheel indoors.
When leaving the bike unattended when out and about
  • There are two main types of locks available, a chain / cable lock, or a D / U lock. A thief only needs to carry one tool to break a lock, the type of tool depends on the type of lock. One way to make it harder for the thieves is to use both types. I would personally recommend this, even if one of the locks is a cheap / isn’t that strong, it will discourage thieves who haven’t got both tools.
  • Lock your bicycle to an immovable object that allows the least amount of movement once locked. A metal barrier is better than a lamp post, a Sheffield type bike rack is better than curly one. These will stop the thief moving your bike around to get better access to your lock. They’ll also protect your bike from being such an easy target to vandalism. A well lit area covered by CCTV will deter some thieves.
  • When locking, try to avoid gaps where tools could be inserted within the lock, avoid leaving the lock to rest on the lock on the floor where it could be hit and broke. 
  • Quick release wheels and saddles have their obvious disadvantage – lock these as well as your frame.
  • If you return to your secured bike, but it’s developed a flat tyre since you left it, don’t leave it there overnight ! I’ve heard that thieves deflate tyres in the hope that bikes get left overnight so they can work on the locks undisturbed. Especially true with the combination type locks.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Report a Stolen Bicycle

If you’ve recently been a victim of bike crime in the Cardiff area, email me so I can post the details on the blog. Details should include;
  • Details of the theft – Location, Date, Aprox Time, what was it secured to / was it in storage ? Type of lock.
  • Details of the bike – Make, Model, Colour, Spec, Customisations / parts added ie stickers, Damage.
  • Photographs of your bike or a stock photo.
  • Any additional details / comments.
Details will placed on the blog, the map and the calendar.