Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Jon’s Black 2009 Felt Z35 and Black & Red 2007 Gary Fisher Tassajara

Jon says his garage in the Victoria Park area was broken into between 1 – 6am on the first of September

Bike Specs :
2009 Felt Z35
Black carbon 58cm frame
Frame Number : WUD61000219D
Mainly Shimano 105 groupset, except for the following parts fitted recently which may make the bike more recognisable:
Ultegra front mech, Ultegra chain, Ultegra cassette (12-27), Dura Ace 7850 Carbon Laminate Wheels with 23mm Continental GP4000S tyres. Also stem mounted Cateye V2C computer with cadence sensor fitted to left hand chainstay and two carbon fibre bottle cages. Note that the above photo has original wheels not the DA’s. Sorry this is the best photo I have of the trusty steed.
2007 Gary Fisher Tassajara Disc Hardtail
 Black and red 19” frame. Frame number : 338SI0101B
I replaced the Bontrager off road tyres with Continental travel contact semi slicks for my commute to work. Bike was fitted with two alloy bottle cages and a HAMAX bracket on the seat tube to hold a child seat.

David’s White Specialized Hardrock Disk 2010

stock photo
David Writes;
“I unfortunately had a bike stolen on Sunday the 19th of September @ 21:51 PM. I can be so sure of the time as there was CCTV footage showing the hooded guy riding off with it. The bike was stolen from the Watermark building down Cardiff Bay (CF11 0JU) from a locked garage where 2 people broke into. It was about 3 months old. It was a White Specialized Hardrock Disk 2010.”

Monday, 27 September 2010

Ryan’s Black Specialized Hard Rock Pro

stock photo
Ryan writes;
“Specialized Hard Rock Pro Stolen from outside Ernest Willows, City Road Wetherspoon around 19:20, 14th of September.       
Black Pannier with scuff on rear left side, Iron Cross Dust caps, silver handle bar ends, cleat (clip) pedals, bottle holder, white brakes. Unique looking bike.”

Grant’s Red Carrera Vulcan

stock photo
Grant writes;
"Hi, just seen your ad. My daughter's bike was stolen overnight on the 5th / 6th September in the Cyncoed area. Red Carrera Vulcan 18" frame, 08 model. Taken from garage with aluminium door which was "tin opened" in what is I suppose a fairly professional manner. Police tell me this might be a hallmark method of breaking in but needless to say, no word of an arrest. No piccies unfortunately but anyone who knows this type of bike will recognise it as having a very striking red colour. It did have a rear mudguard, bottle holder, light holder and a ‘Centre Parks’ black lock tied around the frame. It was sold as a man's bike but we had a ladies saddle put on it."

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Howard's Brown Raleigh Twenty Amber

Howard writes;
"This is my rally 20 amber. It was stolen about 4 weeks ago now outside my house in grangetown. Looking to get it back or at least another like it."

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Louis’s Black Giant Brass

stock photo

Louis writes;
“Your site has arrived in good timing, my bike was stolen last Thursday (the 16th of September) sometime between 11.30am and 4.30pm and was my only way of getting around cheaply as a student. Plus the bike itself wasnt cheap. The bike was stolen on Custom House Street, behind the Marriot hotel right next to the statue of ‘two hands grasping a rope’.”

Paul’s Kermit Green Orange Five Pro

Paul writes;
“The bike was stolen from Pontprennau, Cardiff early hours on Monday, 13th of September. 
Frame No: 10-73287MRC

Size – 20”
Make - Orange
Model – Five (Pro with Thompson upgrade)
Colour - 'Kermit' Green.
Fox float RL front
Fox RP23 rear
Hope Tech M4 brakes
Monkey Euston carbon bar

I added the Kermit decal to both rear swing arms with the tag – It’s not easy being Green! It has a black neoprene mud guard on the front fork & an Aura chain stay guard on the rear.”

Later, he adds "It was stolen from my garage. They cut a hole in the door with a can opener and bypassed my locks."

Will’s Blue & Yellow Saracen Vice

stock photo

Will writes;
“Mine was lifted from my apartment building bike rack off Lewis Road about two weeks ago.

It was a blue and yellow Saracen Vice Y-frame bike with a fair bit of rust, new chain and loose gasket on the forks.
Stupid thief may have left his name and address behind which has been passed to the police.

Elen’s Black Ladies Carrera Subway

stock photo

Elen writes;
“My bike was stolen between the 31st Aug pm and the 3rd Septmeber am. It was stolen from a secure bike shed at Prospect Place in Cardiff Bay.
It was a brand new black Carrera Sub 16" ladies frame bike (from Halfords). The only distinctive features were a back wheel mud-guard which was taped to the back of the bike. I also had a "traking" sticker on it, which locates my bike to my address. However, I assume they have removed the sticker by now!”

Elliw's Pink Raleigh Chopper Mk3 . . . . . later Reunited !

This blog, like a lot of good ideas, is a result of a drunken pub conversation with an acquaintance back in August. She explained that her pride and joy – a bright pink Raleigh Chopper – was recently stolen from Cardiff city centre.
Casually searching for something to replace my stolen road bike, I was a bit of surprised when I saw a bright pink Chopper on Gumtree the following weekend. A couple of emails later, and with the help of the Police, this bike was recovered & reunited with its owner [ Ahhh, happy ending ! ] . The Llanrumney police found a back garden full of bikes, but were still unable to prosecute Henry [ not so happy ending ]. He’s still trading on Gumtree.
It would be great if this blog resulted in more stolen bikes being reunited with their owners.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

First Post / Test / Stolen Carrera Valour Sept2009

First post of this blog is dedicated to my Carrera Valour road bike. Stolen a year ago on some sunny Saturday while I was enjoying some live music at Buffalo Bar. It was locked, along with my mates Giant Terrago to the cycle stands at the Windsor Place / Queen Street junction. Must have been their lucky day – two bikes, one lock ! [ Onguard Doberman 185cm Cable Lock £15-20ish ]
We couldn’t remember if there were other bikes about before, nor could we quite remember noticing a dodgy transit van parked up the street, but there wasn’t anything left, not even the lock ! Reported the crime immediately, and waited to until the CCTV operator confirmed that he was looking the other way.
Off the shelf road bike, no real unique parts. Large Frame. Crappy plastic pedals [ not the standard SPD ones ] Yellow valve caps & Yellow Livestrong band on the stem.      
Anyways, no real hope in finding this by now, but do get in touch if you’d like me to post about your stolen bike.